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Orange Ammolite: Meaning, Symbolism, Properties, Benefits and Uses

November 26, 2023 | by


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In our newest blog post, we learn about the interesting world of orange ammolite. This beautiful stone isn’t as well-known as diamonds or rubies, but its meaning and background are just as interesting.

History of Orange Ammolite

The shells of long-gone sea creatures called ammonites are what make ammolite. They lived during the Cretaceous period, which was about 66 million years ago. Moreover, the shell material went through a process called “opalization,” which changed the aragonite structure to something that looks like opal.

Generally, the ammolite mines in Alberta, Canada, are where miners find orange ammolite stone. In the 1930s, farmer discovered these layers. Who was tilling his land and came across some colorful rocks. The 1980s were the first years that the public officially acknowledged ammolite as a gem.

Orange Ammolite Meaning and Symbolism

Orange color is often linked to life, imagination, and comfort. When orange gem ammolite is mixed with the energy of old ammonite fossils, it becomes a strong sign of change and new starts. People think it will bring balance and harmony to their lives, which will help them get past problems and succeed.

People also thought that orange color ammolite stimulate the sacral chakra, which is in charge of sexuality, feelings, and creativity. The gemstone can help people find their inner interests and reach their full potential by balancing this chakra.

Orange Ammolite Properties

Orange ammolite is a type of iridescent opal that shows many bright colors. These colors come from light bouncing around inside the stone’s layers, making a beautiful play of colors. With a Mohs hardness range of 3.5 to 4.5, the stone is pretty soft, which also makes cabochon cuts a great way to show off its colors.

People also thought that orange crystal ammolite have grounding qualities. And can help people connect with the earth’s energy because it comes from fossils. Because of this, many individuals interested in crystal healing and spirit work choose it.

Orange Ammolite Benefits

In addition to being a powerful healing stone, orange color ammolite has many other uses in the body. It is said to make the defense system stronger, help with digestion, and ease any pain in the reproductive system. Some people also think that orange stone ammolite can help you remember things and think more clearly.

Orange Ammolite Uses

Jeweler used orange ammolite to make jewelry because you can cut it into different sizes and shapes that show off its bright colors. Also people often used it for home decor and art because it gives any room a unique flash of color and life.

Many people often used orange gemstone ammolite in spiritual practices like meditation and crystal healing. For that reason, it can be put on the body or put in grids to keep the energy in balance.


Orange ammolite isn’t a very well-known gem, but it’s interesting to learn about because it has a long past, powerful meanings, and special properties. Orange color ammolite is beautiful and energetic, and it doesn’t matter if you’re interested in it for its looks or for its spiritual powers. If you ever find this rare gem, remember that it has powerful messages hidden inside it. Have fun looking!

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