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Orange Spinel Birthstone for those who born in September

November 24, 2023 | by

Introduction: Orange Spinel Birthstone

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Wish you could find a gem that is different from the usual ones? Don’t look any further! The orange spinel is a lovely gem that would be a great gift for you. Understanding what orange spinel birthstone is and why it’s a great gem choice will be covered in this blog post.

What is Orange Spinel?

Orange spinel is a jewel in the spinel family. Because they look so much alike, people often mistake orange spinel for rubies and sapphires. But orange spinel is different from these other gems because it is a bright orange color. Moreover, the word “spinel” comes from the Latin word “spina,” which means “thorn,” because of the crystal’s pointy shape.

Orange Spinel Properties

The Mohs scale rates the orange spinel as an 8 on the hardness scale, which means it is very strong. People often used it to make ornaments because it is very clear and shiny. Further, orange spinel can be very light orange or very dark reddish-orange. Some pieces also have pink and brown spots in them.

Origin and History

Orange spinel is a very valuable gem that was first found in Sri Lanka and has been sought after for hundreds of years. Ancient Greeks and Romans kept it very precious because they thought it could protect them from harm and bad things. In Hindu folklore linked the stone to the sun god Surya and has special meaning.

Symbolism and Meaning

People think that orange spinel can heal and give the person who wears it hope, happiness, and health. It’s also linked to success, drive, and creativity. Besides that in some cultures, the stone is thought to improve psychic abilities and keep bad spirits away.

Orange Spinel Birthstone

Every month has a birthstone that goes with it, and September’s birthstone is the orange spinel. This stone is perfect for people born in this month because it looks like the leaves changing colors in fall, which means growth, renewal, and change. Also, people born during this time feel happy and full of energy because of its bright color.

How to Take Care of Orange Spinel Birthstone

As with any diamond, it needs to be taken care of properly to keep its shine and beauty. Use warm soapy water and a soft brush to get rid of any oil or dirt that has built up on your orange spinel jewelry. You should stay away from harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners because they can hurt the surface of the gemstone.

Conclusion: Orange Spinel Birthstone

Perhaps not as well-known as some other birthstones, the orange spinel has a beauty and meaning all its own that makes it a great choice for those who want something different. It’s a great gemstone for both everyday wear and special events because of its bright color, durability, and historical importance. You could add this beautiful stone to your jewelry collection or give it as a gift to someone special born in September. Why wait then? Orange spinel is a beautiful stone. Make it your birthstone today. Why wait then? Orange spinel is a beautiful stone. Make it your birthstone today.


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