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Marquise Diamond: Multiple Things You Need to Know

October 24, 2023 | by

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Introduction of Marquis Diamond

The marquise diamond, with its beautiful, long shape, has been a favorite among jewelry lovers for hundreds of years. Also, they call it a marquise-cut diamond. This beautiful gemstones has a unique shape that looks like a boat, and it gives off an air of class and grace.

From its royal roots to the many styles and designs you can find today, this article will cover everything you need to know, from the pros and cons to how to care for it to learn about its interesting history.

Types of Marquise Diamond

A diamond is beautiful, and some people see it as a sign of love. A marquise is a unique and beautiful gemstone. Additionally, due to its almond shape, it makes a lovely choice for a wedding band or other jewelry.

We will talk about different types of marquise diamonds in this whole article.

This type of diamond is long and has pointy ends and curved sides. Because, its length-to-width ratio is 2:1, the marquise is beautiful and stands out. The smile-shaped shape makes any piece of jewelry look cuter.

You can make rings, charms, and earrings from marquise cuts. Accordingly, its long shape makes fingers look longer and smaller, when worn as a ring.

Improved Marquise Cut Diamond

There are many beautiful variations of the marquise, and each has its own look and perks.

French Marquise Cut Diamond

The French marquise has bent sides that make it look softer and rounder. People who want a marquise shape but don’t want the tip to stand out, as much will like this smaller style.

Because its tip is pointier and its base is wider, the navette cut marquise looks like a boat. Many people liked this shape so; it makes the jewelry look old or retro.

Elongated Marquise Diamond

This type of cut has a higher length-to-width ratio, which makes it even longer and thinner. Long marquises are great for shows because of their bold and eye-catching shape.

Pretty Colored Marquise Diamond

Even though white diamonds remain popular, fancy-colored diamonds are becoming more popular because they look so nice.

Marquise come in a lot of different colors. Some well-known fancy-colored marquise diamonds include:

Yellow Marquise

The yellow marquise gem makes people happy and sunny. And they’re often the main stone in engagement rings. They look great, set in white or yellow gold.

Pink Marquise

Marquise gems in pink are a sign of class and love. They look great in old and flowery love jewelry because of their soft color.

Blue Marquise

Beautiful Round Blue Gems. The color of these rare gems can range from light aqua to deep sapphire blue. People frequently use them in engagement rings.

Green Marquise

People who like the outdoors will like green marquise gems. There may be a weak or strong green tint to these diamonds.

Style of Marquise Diamond

You can use a marquise diamond in many jewelry styles. As bellow:

Solitaire Style of Marquise Diamond

A solitaire ring has a marquise set in it. Obviously, the diamond looks beautiful in this classic design.

Halo Designs Style

In halo designs, you can set smaller diamonds or gems around the marquise diamond. It is what makes the diamond shine and sparkle.

Three Stone Rings Style

You can set another diamond or rock around the outside of a marquise in three-stone bands. Consequently, an engagement ring has value because it shows the past, the present, and the future all at the same time.

East to West Setting Style Marquise Diamond

It lies flat across the finger if you set the diamond east to west. From this angle, marquise patterns look different.

Antique Style Marquise Diamond

You can use marquise diamonds in jewelry that looks old and has beautiful patterns, filigree work, and milgrains.

Bezel Style

During a bezel setting, a metal edge goes around the marquise diamond to protect it and make it look fresh.

You can wear marquise gem as earrings or wear them as a bracelet. These pieces of jewelry look classy because of bezel style.

What’s Good About a Marquise Diamond?

Diamonds are beautiful and valuable, so people have always loved them. It is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind diamond shape. People who want a unique and beautiful gem often choose these diamonds.

The marquise-cut diamond has long, pointy tips and sides slightly bent. We will look at the pros of marquise diamonds in this in-depth study.

Unique Marquise Diamond Shape

The long form of the marquise, which looks like a football or boat, is the thing that stands out the most. The sharp edges and curved sides of this diamond shape make it look beautiful and one of a kind.

If you compare the marquise cut’s length to the width, you’ll see that it looks even more beautiful and long.

The Myth of Size and Visual Impact

They make other gems look smaller, which is a great thing about them. This type of diamond looks bigger than others of the same weight because it is long.

A bigger rock might not be for everyone because they don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

Diamond engagement rings look great with marquise stones because they make the main stone look bigger.

People who want a pretty wedding ring but don’t want a big rock might like this.

Make designs with fluttering marquise diamond

A well-known trait of marquise diamond rings is that they can make your fingers look longer and shorter. It makes the finger stand out and makes the hand look beautiful and classy because of its long shape. This look is great for people who care about how their jewelry looks.

When worn by the right person, the marquise cut can bring out the features in their jewelry.

Choices at Reasonable Prices

Do you want a bigger diamond but don’t want to spend as much?

A marquise cut is a good choice. This diamond shape makes it look bigger than it really is, so people can get the look of a bigger diamond without spending a lot of money.

Using Different Styles When Making Jewelry

Jewelers love to use marquise diamonds in their creations because they can cut them in various ways. A lot of different famous shapes and settings show how flexible marquise diamonds are.

Marquise diamond solitaires are classy and lovely.

If you lay marquise gem out horizontally from east to west, hence you can make a modern and one-of-a-kind pattern.

You can set the marquise cut in a halo of smaller diamonds that shine and sparkle.

You can often use marquise diamonds in old, complex patterns with filigree and milgrain edges because they look good with old things.

Three-stone rings have two extra stones on either side of a marquise cut diamond in a three-stone setting. Accordingly, these stones represent the past, the present, and the future, which makes the ring more meaningful.

Marquise cut diamonds look beautiful and classy in pendants and earrings.

The cost and upkeep of marquise diamond

It’s important to cut gems well so they last a long time. Because they are Mohs hard, they don’t scratch or break easily. But you still need to take care of and keep the gem in good shape if you want it to stay beautiful and last a long time.

What is wrong with a marquise diamond?

Bowtie Effect

If you don’t cut a marquise diamond properly, it can have the “bowtie effect,” which is a dark spot in the middle that looks like a bow tie. When the light coming into the diamond does not bend or reflect properly, it loses some of its brightness.

Getting Rid of the Bowtie Effect

If someone cuts it wrong, hence you can see a dark bowtie-shaped shadow in the middle of the diamond.

You can lessen the bowtie effect by picking a well-cut marquise diamond. A skilled cutter will lessen the bowtie effect by ensuring that the light of stone spreads out evenly. It won’t matter about the bowtie effect because the diamond will always shine.

How the Name “Marquise” Came About

It’s interesting to learn about the background of each type of diamond. Further, the rock is unique and beautiful. To understand what marquise diamonds are and how beautiful they are, you must first learn about their interesting past.

How the Marquise Diamond Came to Be

Louis XV of France is the interesting person who starts the story of the marquise diamond. For instance, see Marquise Cut for Royal Style Birth. Queen Louis XV cut the marquise to look like the lips of Madame de Pompadour, his favorite girlfriend. Thus, they called her the “Marquise de Pompadour.”

Royal Marquise Diamond as a Record of History

Royalty and other important people sought the Marquise diamond as soon as someone made it. Rich and important people would love this design because it is so classy and beautiful. People used Marquise gems in rings, pins, and tiaras.

Marie Antoinette, her family, and the rest of the French Royal Family all wore marquise gems to show that they were Royal. They also called the Queen’s tiara the “Marie Antoinette Diamond Necklace,” which shows off the beauty and grace of the marquise.

It changes over time and comes in different marquise cuts.

It has changed over the years to fit different tastes and styles, like the French, Navette, and Elongated cuts.

Diamonds called marquise aren’t just for royalty.

Initially, people used to think of royalty and the rich when they saw marquise diamonds. However, over time, more and more people liked them. Everyone from the upper class to the lower class liked marquise cuts for engagement rings and other fine jewelry because they were so pretty. The marquise diamond came to stand for beauty, love, loyalty, and class over time.

Marquise Diamonds for Love and Beauty

If you want to show love, loyalty, beauty, and grace, a marquise diamond is the way to go. Their long life is because they are beautiful and have historical value.  People still consider marquise diamonds very popular because they are beautiful and used in many ways. You can put them in the middle of an engagement ring, wear them as a pendant, or use them as flower shapes in earrings.

Which is the Best Marquise Diamond?

When you choose a marquise diamond for your jewelry, keep these things in mind:

Cut Quality of Marquise Diamond

Cutting a diamond in which way has a big effect on its brightness and shine. Hence, choose marquise gems that have sharp points and smooth curves.

Length-To-Width Ratio

Choose a length-to-width ratio that you like, and that works for your design. You can change any length or width to make the marquise shape, but the ratio always remains 2:1.

Clarity and Shine

To see if the diamond has any flaws, look at its clarity. When it comes to clarity, diamonds with higher grades are perfect and shine like the sun.

Color of Marquise Diamond

You can choose a fancy-colored diamond or a white diamond.

Carat Mass Marquise Diamond

Choose a carat mass that fits your budget and the style of the jewelry you want to buy. The long shape of a marquise cut diamond makes it look bigger than other shapes of the same carat weight.


Pick a setting that looks good with your marquise diamond. A lot of people like prongs, halos, and patience.

Care of marquise diamond

For the diamond to stay beautiful, take good care of it. These are some ideas:

Cleaning Often

To clean your marquise diamond, use mild, soapy water and a soft brush. It will get rid of the dirt and oils that dull its shine.

Stay away from hard things

The marquise cut diamond’s sharp ends could break if they hit something hard.

Inspections of Marquise Diamond

Every once in a while, you should have a jeweler look at your marquise diamond to check for damage or broken settings.


You can never go wrong with a marquise diamond because they are so beautiful and classic. They are available in many shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s tastes. People always associate a classic, custom-made, or fancy-colored marquise cut diamond with love and beauty that will last. Because you care for it, a marquise cut diamond can be a lovely and valuable piece of jewelry that shows how much you love and care for someone.


What is a marquise diamond?

A marquise diamond represents a special kind of diamond cut that looks like the bow of a boat because it is long and has sharp ends.

Is Marquise diamond more expensive?

A Marquise diamond may or may not be more expensive than other cuts, but the price varies on a number of factors.

Why do you call it a marquise diamond?

They named a marquise after the Marquise de Pompadour because of its long, pointy shape that looks like her smile.

Which is the most expensive diamond cut?

Diamond does not have a single “most expensive” cut because prices depend on things like quality, size, and desire in the market, not the cut style.

 How is a marquise diamond different from other diamond cuts?

 Instead of the more common round brilliant cut, marquise diamonds have a unique long shape that makes them look bigger than they really are. The pointed tips make the whole thing look more elegant.

 What are the pros of selecting a marquise cut diamond?

 One benefit of choosing a marquise diamond is that it can make your fingers look longer and thinner when worn as an engagement ring or other jewelry. Also, marquise gem tend to look bigger than other cuts of the same carat weight because of their long shape.

 While marquise diamond have many benefits, one problem that might arise is that the long form makes the pointed ends more likely to chip. But with the right care and setting, we can keep this risk to a minimum.

 How should I care for my marquise cut diamond?

 To keep your marquise cut diamond looking its best, clean it often with warm water and light soap or with jewelry cleaning products made just for diamonds. Therefore, do not use severe chemicals or rough things on the stone; they could hurt or scratch it.

 Can you offer some design inspirations for marquise-cut diamond jewelry?

You can use marquise-cut diamonds in a wide range of jewelry styles because they are flexible. Solitaire rings, halo settings, three-stone rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants are all common choices. In the end, the choice comes down to personal taste and style.

 Where do marquise diamonds originate from?

 Marquise cut diamonds have been around since the 1700s when France first brought them. Over time, their fame grew around the world, and now, many diamond mines contain them around the world.

 Are there different types of marquise-cut diamonds available?

 Yes, there are different kinds of marquise-cut diamonds with different aspect ratios. Some are longer than others, while others look a little bigger. Picking a number that fits your tastes and the look you want is very important.

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